Let me share with you what you can’t find in the guidebooks : real Parisian life!

I create a custom-made itinerary based on your interests.

The perfect combination of history, culture, food and conviviality!

This tour takes you to :
• The oldest and coolest neighborhood of Paris
• Trendy boutiques that set Parisian fashion trends
• Local markets and secret gardens
• Lively streets and restaurants where Parisians go
This tour takes you to :
• An open-air food market
• The best macaroons and ice cream shops
• A friendly wine & cheese tasting
• The best spot to enjoy a perfect French picnic (weather permitting)
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This tour takes you to:
• The working-class and cosmopolitan neighborhoods
• Streets covered with the finest street artwork
• Antique and second-hand shops
• An associative bar housed in a converted factory
The best option :
Tell me who you are and what you like, I’ll be so happy to create a custom-made itinerary for you. A little bit of history, a pinch of shopping, a lot of food...
Let’s make it as unique as you are !
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Please note that all those tours can be personalized according to your desires.

Prices do not include transportation costs nor any activity, food or drinks.

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