Let’s start planning and make sure you’ll make the most out of your stay!

I am happy to suggest a large choice of activities offered by my reliable partners.

All of them have been carefully selected and tested to meet all your expectations:

• Cooking class in a small workshop
• Home-made dinner with locals
• Wine and cheese tasting with masters
• Personal shopper
• Private visits of museums with friendly guides
• Behind the scene tour of the Eiffel tower
• Treasure hunt at Le Louvre or Orsay
• Original 2CV car tours
• Bike tours in Paris and in Versailles
• River cruises for sightseeing, lunch or dinner
• One-day trips to Normandy, Champagne or Burgundy.
• Nice apartments to feel like a local
• Boutique hotels
• Bed and Breakfast
• Airport transfers with private chauffeur
• Professional photographer for unique pictures
• Home massage, personal trainer and babysitter
• Stroller and baby carrier hire (from 0 to 4 year-old)
• French Prepaid SIMcard
• And much more...

How does it work ?

- We’ll discuss by phone and exchange emails prior your arrival to define your preferences.
- I’ll do as much research as necessary to meet all your expectations.
- I’ll suggest the best activities and services suited to your needs.
- I’ll design a tailor-made itinerary including all the activities and services you chose.
- I’ll introduce you to the partners and other services that interest you.
- You’ll get discounts up to 15% offered by most of my partners.

Please note that I don’t earn any commission on the services I advise you.

You’ll always get the best price I have negotiated for you and pay directly the providers. In most cases, I have partnership that allow you to have a 10 to 15% discount.

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