Your accommodation: a beautiful hotel, a bed and breakfast run by friendly people or an apartment to feel like a real Parisian … I can find a cosy nest for two, four, or six or more!

Your restaurants: Eating and Paris. You cannot dissociate the two!
But how to find the best restaurants and avoid the tourist traps?
A typical brasserie for a quick lunch, a good restaurant to taste foie gras, the place to eat the best burger in Paris, or an authentic wine bar where you’ll experience the perfect association of red wine and good cheese. I can share with you my address-book of restaurants for any budget!

Your nightlife: Tell me what you like (a concert, theater, show or clubs,..) and I can find the best that’s on while you are in Paris. My suggestions are adapted to your budget and also to your bedtime.

Your activities: Where to go and what to see in Paris?
Of course, the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower but what else?
A picnic in the Buttes Chaumont park, a “petanque” on the banks of the Seine, a
100% Parisian shopping trip, taking in the colors and smells of a street market, a wine-tasting in a small wine shop, an exhibition in a local art gallery, a tailor-made stroll with friendly, informed guides...
Based on your interests and desires, I can suggest the best things to do while leaving you the freedom to explore Paris at your own pace.